News from Serbia 3

We are very happy to inform you that we planted a new mission station in Serbia in place called Stara Pazova. This small town has 60,000 citizens and it’s located between Novi Sad and Belgrade. The town is multinational and after Serbian population second largest nationality are Slovakians.




On March 28, 2009, we had our first church service and baptism of Sara Crvenka. We received in Church her parents (Miroslav and Vera) couple of months earlier, and they are very active in founding a church there in Stara Pazova.

We believe and pray that church in Stara Pazova, together with churches in Belgrade and Sremska Mitrovica, will thrive. All three churches where
founded in last year and a half.

Right now we are working on registering the church in Serbia under the name The Reformed Presbyterian Church in Serbia. Organizationally-wise it will belong to the Synod in Croatia, since the mission work in Serbia started as the activity pf our church here.

Prayer requests for Serbia:

1. That we successfully register the church

2. For flourishing and building of churches in Belgrade, Sremska Mitrovica and Stara Pazova.

3. For Sergej Beuk and Petar Petrovic, our candidates for pastors in Serbia and for Miroslav Crvenka, candidate for service of elder.