On Sunday, 29, April 2012 in the church of the Good Shepherd in Osijek we have celebrated the Good Shepherd Sunday. It was also celebration of the anniversary of return to the church of the Good Shepherd after eight years of being exiled from out own place. On that occasion we have thanked the Lord and praised Him for spiritual and material regeneration and renovation of our congregation.


Photos from the celebration are available at this link.

Video of the service is available at this site.

Interview for the Radio station ‘Osijek’ is available here.

The Supreme Court of The Republic of Croatia Ruled In Favor of The Church of Good Shephard in Osijek

After seven years of court proceedings the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia has ruled in favour of the Reformed Church ‘Good Shepherd’ (Christian centre, ‘Good Shepherd’) as the rightful owner of the church property in Franje Markovića 7, in Tvrđa, Osijek. The ruling of the Supreme Court is legally valid and appeal cannot be lodged.
After seven years of exile and unpleasantness, the members of the church and their pastor, as rightful owners of the church property, will soon return to their church.
We would like to thank all those who have remembered us in their prayers.
Please continue praying that the formalities concerning eviction of the usurpers go as smoothly and as quickly as possible so that we can continue our mission and pastoral work in Osijek.
You can see some of the photos from the times when our church was still in possession of the church property in Tvrđa, Osijek, at this link.

Celebration of Tenth Anniversary of The Return to Tordinci after The War



During the war in Croatia (1991-1995) village of Tordinci was severely damaged. The village itself was almost completely destroyed together with the church, and the villagers were displaced. Not until 1998, that the villagers started returning to their homes and restoration and material as well as spiritual, started. In 1999, the Reformed church in Tordinici started with the services again (since the Reformed church in Tordinci has existed till 1551). And today, 10 years after, we are praising the Lord for his kindness and faithfulness.


On Saturday, May 23, 2009, we had celebratory church service to mark this occasion. The service was led by Superintendent/Moderator of the Protestant Reformed  Christian Church, who also serves as a pastor of the church in Tordinci, together with other pastors of the denomination. Reverend Albert Feijen, the pastor from Netherlands, held the sermon. Many guests, from all spheres of public and political life, were present at the service.   



After the service in memory of those who were killed during the war in Tordinci we placed a wreath at the mass grave sight in Tordinci. Afternoon our guests from Netherlands (Rev. Albert Feijen and Wim Kuipers) held two lectures, on Jean Calvin’s teaching on Holy Spirit, and on baptism.

On Sunday May 24, 2009, Petar Petrovic from Serbia was ordained as a Minister of Word and Sacraments. Our church started a mission work in Serbia two years ago and as a result of that work we have three churches there (in Belgrade, Sremska Mitrovica and Stara Pazova). This ordination was very significant since it happened on the 10th anniversary of the return of the people of Tordinci after the Serbo-Croatian war.


News from Serbia 3

We are very happy to inform you that we planted a new mission station in Serbia in place called Stara Pazova. This small town has 60,000 citizens and it’s located between Novi Sad and Belgrade. The town is multinational and after Serbian population second largest nationality are Slovakians.




On March 28, 2009, we had our first church service and baptism of Sara Crvenka. We received in Church her parents (Miroslav and Vera) couple of months earlier, and they are very active in founding a church there in Stara Pazova.

We believe and pray that church in Stara Pazova, together with churches in Belgrade and Sremska Mitrovica, will thrive. All three churches where
founded in last year and a half.

Right now we are working on registering the church in Serbia under the name The Reformed Presbyterian Church in Serbia. Organizationally-wise it will belong to the Synod in Croatia, since the mission work in Serbia started as the activity pf our church here.

Prayer requests for Serbia:

1. That we successfully register the church

2. For flourishing and building of churches in Belgrade, Sremska Mitrovica and Stara Pazova.

3. For Sergej Beuk and Petar Petrovic, our candidates for pastors in Serbia and for Miroslav Crvenka, candidate for service of elder.